For little girls there’s no home like a stone tower

I am constantly amazed at the things kids make.  Usually it starts with a house, then a bed, possibly a kitchen, then….ramparts and fortifications.

The picture above shows my 10 year old daughter’s house.  It features a rather robust design of several levels that includes a library and swimming pool.

There is also a room for her 21 year old sister Ariel.  (She felt that Ariel needed some help, as so far Ariel has only managed to make herself a hole to live in…nice!)

Everything has a story

Everything has a story.

This statement is one of the core principles that help guide and create the eidy learning experience.    We believe that kids only learn if they have a reason to.   So what would happen if everything had a story behind it, and knowing that story would let you do cool things?

A child playing eidy quickly discovers the power of words.   A mysterious amulet called the eid enables them to create objects and cause amazing effects.

Using the eid they can read the story behind each and every object in the game.  They can then use the stories as a model for writing their own stories down in books.  They can then use the books to create new objects.

This can cause some unusual difficulties.  Caz, a 10 year old complained that when she wrote a story about Sammy the sheep (not his real name) he just looked like an ordinary sheep.  He didn’t seem different to the other sheep.  I guess we need to do some more work to make Sammy more Sammy like.  (A name tag that says Sammy?)

Another challenge is coming up with enough stories for the thousands of possible items in eidy.    More about this later..