Announcing Eidy Storycraft


Eidy is made up of two products, eidy connect, an app a remote parent uses to connect with their kids, and the eidy game itself.

The eidy team are currently experimenting with the eidy game, challenging our assumption.

One such assumption is the “eidy story” engine.  This allows the player to write stories to create items instead of the more traditional drag and drop crafting technique.

For example, instead of dragging and dropping sticks and wood on a crafting table, the player may write a story such as:

One day Mary went into the wood and cut some sticks and boards.  With these she made a wooden pickaxe.

We are trialing with a group of alpha testers a game called “eidy storycraft” that tests this.

Like this idea?  If you would like to participate, leave some feedback and we will get back to you.



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