eidy the board game

Despite engines, scripting and templates, video games should have an elisive factor called “playability”

Even a learning game is still a game.  It should be fun somehow.

To help with this Ive translated key game concepts into a board game!

Learning not education

Educational software works, just like conventional behaviourist teaching works.  It rewards and punishes according to required behaviour.

Eidy is what I call a “learning app”. It encourages exploration, creativity and immersion in a learning environment.  Its ultimate goal is to foster a love of learning. 

It’s my mission to find out if this is possible.

The Two Eidys

Whats better than eidy?

Two eidys, thats what!

Announcing eidy storycraft and eidy connect.

Virtual Reality might help with Goldfish attention spans

Eidy in game screen shot

Educators are concerned that kids don’t seem to have the attention span to engage with conventional learning.

In the article “How Virtual Reality can close learning gaps in your classroom”, the author states that “Much has been written about social media’s impact on our diminishing attention span, which may now be even shorter than that of a goldfish.

There are exceptions; many of us are able to engage for extended periods of time when gaming or using simulations.Research has shown that we remember 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, and up to 90% of what we do or simulate. ”

Virtual Reality companies hope that the full immersion of the virtual reality environment will ensure the child will focus.

Perhaps full immersion is not even required to provide “simulation”.  Children also seem to be able to focus when “immersed” in games that simulate a world.   The interactivity of Minecraft and games like it enable kids to focus, learn and be creative.

Perhaps interactive story telling, aka “simulation” is the future of learning.  With or without VR goggles.


How Virtual Reality can close learning gaps in your classroom:





Taken from:


Eidy meets the Spacewelders

I was privileged to visit the HQ of the Spacewelders podcast network in late 2015.   We were able to discuss software, education and educational software where eidy fits into this. I really enjoyed my time there.

Not only did I get to be on their famous show, but I got a tour (it took a while) of the complex which actually takes up half of a planet.  As a matter of fact at the time they were preparing some kind of device called the “Star Killer”.    It didn’t seem very environmentally friendly to me.    Anyway, if they say it’s alright it must be.  Apparently it’s rigged up with the latest unit tests and uses react.js for ui, so it should work well for whatever they’re getting ready for.

Photography was strictly forbidden, but I was able to take a few snaps using the eidy augmented reality eyeballs I wore for the occasion (don’t tell anyone).

Here’s a picture of the guest bedroom:


Here’s a picture of the main broadcast tower where we did the interview:

Eidy tower

Pirate ship in the artificial lake:


Here’s a picture of the Mike’s old Wang:


(Note: All mention of this artifact was removed from the podcast)

Have a listen to episode 17 of spacewelders, where Mike, Steve and myself discuss eidy and leading educational software.  It has absolutely nothing to do with cucumbers.  Either use the player here, or take a look at the site – http://www.spacewelders.com/episode-17/

Increased emphasis on phonics in new Australian Curriculum

In a complete change from what was taught in the past, more phonics will be taught in Australian schools.  According to the Australian Curriculum website,

“The presence of phonics and phonemic awareness in the Australian Curriculum: English has been increased. The sound and letter knowledge sub-strand of the language strand has been strengthened and renamed phonics and word knowledge, comprising three threads: phonological and phonemic awareness, alphabet and phonic knowledge, and spelling. The content on the Australian Curriculum website has been revised to support these changes; the glossary has expanded to include all relevant terms.”

Does that mean phonics is taking over completely?

Apparently not.    Teaching reading is best done using a combination of techniques, with phonics being only one.


Building the world of your imagination with blocks – Behind the scenes at the eidy workshop


Block based voxel games such as Infiniminer, Minecraft and eidy  are great for exploring, surviving and mining.

The gaming community sees much more in these games.

The screenshot shows the “workshop” of one of the 0ur team. It is a huge space, measuring roughly 2km square, deep underground.

It was created as a “dry dock” for the purpose of creating large models, such as a pirate ship that is currently under construction.

Why this is noteworthy, is that in order to get sufficient lighting underground, the entire surface area (walls, roof and floor) are made of lanterns!



Announcing Eidy Storycraft


Eidy is made up of two products, eidy connect, an app a remote parent uses to connect with their kids, and the eidy game itself.

The eidy team are currently experimenting with the eidy game, challenging our assumption.

One such assumption is the “eidy story” engine.  This allows the player to write stories to create items instead of the more traditional drag and drop crafting technique.

For example, instead of dragging and dropping sticks and wood on a crafting table, the player may write a story such as:

One day Mary went into the wood and cut some sticks and boards.  With these she made a wooden pickaxe.

We are trialing with a group of alpha testers a game called “eidy storycraft” that tests this.

Like this idea?  If you would like to participate, leave some feedback and we will get back to you.



Gaming Expert on Learning with Video Games


James Paul Gee is a “gaming expert” who talks about how games can teach concepts that other media cannot.

One example is World of Warcraft, where players need to learn how games players learn about “cross functional teams”.

In the world of work, people are tending to specialise more. The work we do is dependent on the work of other experts in order to deliver what we do.

James Gee goes on to talk about how games such as Portal provide a sophisticated physics model. He explains that “When human beings understand anything…. Either images or text…they understand..not by abstract generalities by running a simulation that the words refer to”. Video games can provide these kind of simulations.

Listen to the talk here: