Eidy meets the Spacewelders

I was privileged to visit the HQ of the Spacewelders podcast network in late 2015.   We were able to discuss software, education and educational software where eidy fits into this. I really enjoyed my time there.

Not only did I get to be on their famous show, but I got a tour (it took a while) of the complex which actually takes up half of a planet.  As a matter of fact at the time they were preparing some kind of device called the “Star Killer”.    It didn’t seem very environmentally friendly to me.    Anyway, if they say it’s alright it must be.  Apparently it’s rigged up with the latest unit tests and uses react.js for ui, so it should work well for whatever they’re getting ready for.

Photography was strictly forbidden, but I was able to take a few snaps using the eidy augmented reality eyeballs I wore for the occasion (don’t tell anyone).

Here’s a picture of the guest bedroom:


Here’s a picture of the main broadcast tower where we did the interview:

Eidy tower

Pirate ship in the artificial lake:


Here’s a picture of the Mike’s old Wang:


(Note: All mention of this artifact was removed from the podcast)

Have a listen to episode 17 of spacewelders, where Mike, Steve and myself discuss eidy and leading educational software.  It has absolutely nothing to do with cucumbers.  Either use the player here, or take a look at the site – http://www.spacewelders.com/episode-17/

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