Letting your kids know by saying nothing at all!

Say it all

When using video, phone or even texting, our tone and facial expression can determine what is really said.

Your posture also carries through to your voice.  As an experiment, try slouching in a chair, putting on a sad face then trying to sound engaged and excited.  It doesn’t work. (even when texting)

Try a calm voice and a relaxed body posture and facial expression, you’ll seem approachable to your child.

‘Mirroring’ is a way of building rapport with someone.  For example, try using the same tone of voice as your child (within reason).  This is an easy way of showing how much you like what the child is doing.

It also sends a message that you’re trying to understand how she’s feeling.  For example, if your child sounds happy and speaks quickly, do likewise.

The benefits here stack up – body language builds emotional connection over time.

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