Obedience in the 21st Century

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Have you ever heard this?  “This way mum, not that way” as a child tells you how to use your phone?

Seeing our children use technology effortlessly may make us feel helpless in guiding them.   How can we enforce rules around technology?

The familiarity that kids have around technology means they treat it as normal.   Don’t give up!  Rules about devices should be treated the same as any other rules.

“there are several ways to approach rules,” advises child-development specialist Phyllis Gilbert, M.S., M.Ed., of the child development and family living department at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. The secret is finding the one that works for your particular child.

“First of all,” said Gilbert, “make sure the rule is age-appropriate. A curfew that is appropriate for a 12-year-old may not be appropriate for a teenager.”

Age is also a factor in explaining the rules. If your toddler is slamming the door repeatedly, you may need to make a game out of practicing how to close the door appropriately. A teenager, however, can understand the direct approach of a statement that incorporates consequences, such as, “Slamming the door may cause the glass to break. I don’t want that to happen, and you don’t want to have to pay for it, so please be more careful.”

When we create rules around technology the same applies.  Take the time to sit beside your child and work together to decide which games might be for which times.

There is so much available “out there”, it’s inevitable that we will have to step in and discuss boundaries.  When you do, the key is not to overreact, but instead calmly measure up to the rules.  Gently persuading will take a while, but is ultimately more effective in the end.

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